Clone Page

A clone page of Product Hunt Website, using React and Nextjs for Frontend and Firebase for Backend.

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Redux - CRUD

Product CRUD using Redux and React Hooks, also using json-server package to Fake a REST API.

Project Handler

An specific project to practice React Hooks and JWT-Authentication with Nodejs and MongoDB.

Hotel Gatsby

I built this static web application to learn how to use Gatsby.

Budget App

Budget application to learn and practice Webpack and Babel.Also using bootstrap to create a responsive design.

D3.js Bar Chart

Representative graph of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States with D3js,It's a Data visualization library.

Drum Manchine

A basic application using React and Webpack to emulate a drum pad.

Quote app

Basic site to generate random quotes to share. Building a professional Frontend with webpack.

React Docu

A small technical documentation page for React, I built this site before I learn React, to get theory basic understanding.

Veterinary App

I built this application using DOM Scripting, after I finished, I migrated the appication to React and Sass.